Crazy Jack Clown Mask

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A Crazy Jack Clown Mask There’s nothing more disturbing than a clown that’s gone bad. This particular Jack Clown harkens back to one of the most fiendish and disturbed clowns in all of comic and horror lore. Borrowing a lot of the look from the Joker of older movies this latex mask has been carefully textured and meticulously painted by some of Ghoulish Productions master mask artisans. An Evil Clown Mask Molded In High Quality Latex Durable costume-grade latex, that is used in high-end masks like this one has several benefits. For starters it is much more comfortable to wear for long hours than a lot of similar masks made from lesser materials. It’s also a lot easier to don than painting your face and having to worry about removing the makeup later. Though what really helps this Crazy Jack Clown Mask stand out is the fine texture Ghoulish Productions infused into the surface of the latex. Not only does it look hyper real, but it makes this evil clown mask perfect for a wide range of cosplay events.


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