Crazy Eye Zombie mask

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A Distorted Zombie Mask With A Disturbing Eye This latex zombie mask depicts an undead being of gruesome proportions. The flesh of the face and the visage speaks of a being who has been twisted, damaged, and diseased. The most prominent feature is the large right eye that suggests something far more sinister lies beneath and is trying to force its way out. A Latex Zombie Mask That’s Perfect For Costume Parties & Haunted Houses This Crazy Eye Zombie mask is made from high-quality non-toxic latex. This allows for a striking level of exterior surface detail and texture, while also making the interior comfortable enough to wear it for hours on end. It’s perfect for long-running cosplay events, costume parties, and haunted houses that will make your blood run cold. There is great visual range provided by the left eye, which is an open port to see out of.


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