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An Elevated Coin Bending Trick For Beginners & Evolving Magicians Coin magic is another popular staple for beginner magicians and illusionists. Coin bending in particular tends to be a great place to evolve one’s skills with sleight of hand and presentation techniques. If this sounds like you, or a burgeoning magician in your family, then this coin bending kit from Ali Express is a perfect new gimmick to add to your proverbial bag of tricks. Bend Volunteered Or Carried Coins With A Super Strength Effect This coin bender trick is designed to cater to walk up performances, small crowds and street magic. You can use either coins from your own pocket or coin purse, as well as coins volunteered by your participants. With dramatic flair and stage craft you seemingly bend the coin into shapes that can hardly be described by our modern understanding of geometry.Coin bender is the perfect trick to help you elevate your sleight of hand skills while practicing in the privacy of your own room. When you are ready to take it to the world at large, it also becomes a great opportunity to put in that much needed time polishing your presentation skills in front of a small crowd.


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