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A Comfortable Mask Alternative To Pancake Clown Makeup Let’s face it, clown make-up often wears like a big greasy pancake on your face. It can be intolerable by the end of a cosplay night or a performance schedule. Not to mention the frustration of smudges and possibly staining the rest of your costume. You can leap past these annoying obstacles with this Clown Gang Tiger mask. It’s made from comfortable latex and looks like a pleasant enough painted clown face, without a lot of over-exaggeration. You can put it on in minutes as a great alternative to hours spent painting your face with heavy, greasy traditional clown cosmetics. A Latex Clown Mask That Lets you Breath, Speak, & See Easily One of the big complaints about clown masks is that they can often muffle your speech, and blind your peripheral vision. The mask designers well aware of these problems, and put their best effort into designing this latex mask to be comfortable to wear, as well as easy to see out of. You won’t have to worry about people confusing what you say or accidentally bumping into people with even the slightest turn of your head.


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