Classic Angel Childs Costume w/ White Leotard Tutu Halo Wings And Tights

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Let Your Little Angel Show Her Wings Do you have a little angel in your life that lights up your day? If so, then this complete Angel costume might just be the perfect fit for your daughter on Halloween. It comes with everything you need to let her take on a cherubic guise. You get the white Leotard, Tutu, Halo, Wings and Tights all in one package. A Little Angel Costume That’s Comfortable To Wear & Easy To Maintain This white Angel costume is adorably cute. The majority of it is made from high-quality costume-grade fabrics that you can easily refresh with just some gentle hand washing. This ensures that your daughter’s favorite Pink Princess costume is ready for dress-up days as well as looking perfect on Halloween night. It’s available in youth toddler, small and medium sizes.


Small, Medium, Toddler

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