City Morgue Corpse Bag

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A Witch In A Corpse Bag Who is the corpse bag? Someone who double-crossed the witch or someone who the chainsaw killer attacked? Corpses and Halloween go together pretty well. The idea of Halloween is to bring out spookiness, and what is scarier than a corpse bag at the front part of your lawn? This is a real eye-catcher for any horror or Halloween party. Corpses in a spooky house? A big yes! What could be better than a corpse house? A corpse is jumping right out of the bag and scaring the lights off anyone, especially little kids! A Body In The Bag What makes a corpse bag? A body IN THE bag. Sounds humorous, but that is what it is. If you want to give someone a show, make someone dress up as a corpse and place them into the bag. Once the little ones come for trick-a-treat, the person can burst out of the bag with weird, odd noises. You’re bound to get some kids screaming and running out of your compound! Sometimes, you have to be a little dark and creepy about it. And if you want to be creepy, drape the body bag with a little blood. That would scare the heck out of them!


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