Carved Skin Sloth Rubber Latex Prosthetic

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A SLOTH Skin Prosthetic That Looks Freakishly Real The movie 7 and other films like it feature the “Seven Deadly Sins” in garish detail. This includes the names of the sins carved into living or recently deceased human skin. If this sounds like the concept you want for your next costume, but you aren’t so much into the whole personal scarification thing, then you need to give this SLOTH prosthetic by Ghoulish Productions a good hard look. A SLOTH Skin Prosthetic That’s Easy To Use & Reuse This SLOTH skin prosthetic by Ghoulish Productions was designed to be easy to apply with just about any costume-grade latex adhesive. So long as you remove it carefully, this high-quality skin prosthetic can be reused up to possibly a dozen times! It also takes well to most high-quality cosmetics, which lets you blend it seamlessly into most light to medium skin tones.


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