Cartoonish White Rabbit Latex Mask

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A Cartoon Stylized White Rabbit Mask This latex mask is stylized to have a cartoon quality. It has off-focus crazy eyes and a silly expression emblazoned on the face. It’s great for cosplay events, costume parties, or even a themed EDM night. You wouldn’t be too offbeat if you wanted to repurpose it for an Easter Bunny costume theme either. Non-Toxic Latex For A Mask With A Comfortable Fit This cartoon-styled white rabbit mask is made from non-toxic, costume-grade latex. This gives it a soft feel when worn for several hours in a row, which is handy for long cosplay events and costume parties. It’s also nice if you need to portray a rabbit at a children s event or over the course of multiple performances. To that end, the mask designers made a conscious effort to make the mask as easy to lookout of and breathe through as possible, without spoiling the overall white rabbit look.


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