Captain Lester Undead Army Man Mask

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A Detailed Captain Lester Mask Made From Molded Latex Captain Lester was a horrific commander-in-chief who was known for crashing his troop of soldiers into ruin, in hopes of winning the raging war by all means possible. The character has since been popularized in cosplay, costume parties, and LARPing events. If you are a fan, and you’ve been dying to show up as Captain Lester, then you need to take a good hard look at this highly detailed latex mask by Ghoulish Productions. A Captain Lester Latex Mask That Includes A Full Neckline One of the problems with lesser Captain Lester mask is that they only include the face and head. Unfortunately, Captain Lester was not known for his love of wearing turtle neck sweaters. Which often left cosplayers having to try to paint their necks to match the mask with makeup and untried cosmetic techniques. This Captain Lester mask from Ghoulish Productions solves this problem by including the full neck all the way down to the super sternal notch. This lets you focus on the rest of the costume, without having to try to learn how to properly paint your neck with greasy cosmetics.


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