Burning Man Peacock Gold Sequin Top Hat w/ Spiked Goggles

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A Peacock’s Crowning Glory The truth is, in the natural world is it the male peacocks of the peafowl species who stand out bright and colorful from a flock of bland-looking pea hens. Their furling plumage unfurls with true pride and majesty as one peacock stands out boldly from the rest of the crowd. This Burning Man Peacock Gold Sequin Top Hat captures this notion and then turns it up a notch in a top that that is sure to get you noticed no matter what the occasion happens to be. Burn Your Way Into The Club Burning Man is a cultural arts festival that unleashes outrageous fashions upon the world that last long after the flames have gone out. It turns out that the looks and unique fashion statements it spawns also play well for getting people noticed and getting them past the velvet rope into some of the hottest club scene and exclusive EDM floors. If this sounds like the thing you are burning to do, then this Burning Man Peacock Gold Sequin Top Hat might just be the perfect fit for your head on your next bold night out.


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