Burning Man Peacock Blue Sequin Top Hat w/ Spiked Goggles

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It’s Getting Dark In The Club Let’s face it, it’s one thing to show up at the club with a unique look, but you might not always want to stand out so boldly that everyone spends the night staring at you. If this sounds like the angle you are looking to take for your next EDM event or club scene, then you might want to take a good hard look at this Burning Man Peacock Blue Sequin Top Hat. It is tastefully colorful with just enough glitz to get you noticed, without showing up like a 70’s disco ball in the middle of the floor. The Right Lid To Get You Noticed One of the great things about this Burning Man Peacock Blue Sequin Top Hat is that it has just enough going on to get you noticed at the velvet rope. Then once you are through the door, it lets you stay unique, without being the center of attention. It’s perfect for adding to your outfit without turning you into a shimmering sideshow attraction.


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