Brown Steampunk Adult Costume Spats

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A Steampunk Take On Classic Footwear Steampunk is one of the most popular sci-fi subgenres in the world. It takes a hold of 19th-century technology and fashion and then reimagines it as if the world had never been struck by the waves of innovation driven by petroleum and the nuclear age. This includes preserving older fashions like spatterdashes, or spatter guards, which many called “Spats.” They are a type of classic footwear accessory for outdoor wear, covering the instep and the ankle. Spats are distinct from gaiters, which are garments worn over the lower trouser leg as well as the shoe. This pair takes Spats and styles them to be the perfect accessory for a high-end steampunk costume. Complete Your Steampunk Costume And Keep Your Shoes Clean If you ask any passionate cosplayer, they will tell you that you need the right accessories to take your costume to the next level. In the case of a steampunk costume, these spats not only help perfect the look, but they can also help keep your shoes clean.


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