Brown Leather Plague Doctor Goggle Mask

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The Doctor Is In During the times of the Black Death and other medieval pandemics a “Plague Doctor” as a courageous physicians who were employed by nearby towns and cities to administer to people suffering the pangs of the Black Death. They saw so much of the bubonic plague that they needed to protect themselves from the germs and the stench of death. This inspired many creative masks that were so hauntingly ornate that we still remember their look to this very day. That’s part of what makes this Brown Leather Plague Doctor Goggle Mask a great fit for just about any costume event or cosplay gathering. A Steaming Plague Doctor Mask This Brown Leather Plague Doctor Goggle Mask harkens back to the classic masks of the medieval era while still putting putting a creative twist on it. Though this mask takes the original mask of one who administered to the sick or dying and reimagines it with haunting detail. The more you look at it, fine detail and elegant design you find. At the same time, it also speaks to the Steampunk genre with its rivets, grommets, goggles, and the way metal elements are bonded confidently to real-looking brown leather.


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