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Let’s Just Put A Happy Little Cloud Right Over Here Bob Ross is best known for his TV show the Joy of Painting. His skills with paint and canvas were only part of his charm. He also made painting and a true appreciation of art accessible to everyone. Along the way he filled our hearts with the sort of kind encouragement that you found on other PBS shows like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. This soft charm and acceptance has made him a cultural icon even years after his unfortunate passing. So, it’s no surprise that so many people want to show up as the charming artist with a costume kit like this one. Become The Happiest Painter On Earth If you have always dreamed of becoming Bob Ross, then this costume kit might just be a dream come true. It includes a wig that closely matches his signature hairstyle, as well as a fake beard, a paint pallet, and an artist’s brush. You bring the canvas and the joy. It’s also worth noting that the wig and the beard are made from synthetic fibers, which makes them animal-friendly while also keeping the price accessible, which is what Bob would have wanted.


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