Blurp Charlie Demonic Skeleton Mask

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A Demonic Skeletal Being Belched Forth It’s said that we all have an inner being. It truly shows with this Blurp Charlie mask. If you were to walk up behind a person wearing this mask, you’d think it was little more than a pale-skinned, bald-headed man. It’s when you look at it from the front that you are confronted by the truly terrifying visage of a skeletal demonic being. It seems to have pulled back the face of the victim like a hooded sweatshirt. The jaw is splayed open as the evil being within sticks out its sinister pointed tongue for all the world to see. A Layered Mask In Exotic Detail This Blurp Charlie mask is moded from high-quality, non-toxic latex. This gives it the rigidity to hold in place when you are wearing it. Yet it is also soft enough that the Blurp Charlie mask isn’t going to rub your skin raw. Great care was put into disguising the eye holes and making this mask as easy to breathe as possible. Something else to appreciate about the Blurp Charlie mask is the overall length. The front of the mask offers full neck coverage down to the upper chest. Not only does this help the rather large mask fit comfortably, but it also spares you from having to come up with a cosmetic solution for the neck.


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