Black Venetian Mask with Feather

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The Prominence Of A Peacock Meets Basic Black The truth is, in the natural world is it the male peacocks of the peafowl species who stand out bright and colorful from a flock of bland-looking pea hens. Their furling plumage unfurls with true pride and majesty as one peacock stands out boldly from the rest of the crowd. You can tell that was part of the inspiration the designer felt when coming up with this Black Venetian Mask with Feather. Tasteful Plumage On A Mask That’s Fun To Wear Technically the “Faux” peacock feather on the side of this black mask is known as a “Fascinator.” The whole point is to capture the attention of any and all onlookers’ to let them know that you are truly here to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Yet the mask was also designed with superior peripheral vision to let you strut your stuff with grace.


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