Black and Red Grim Reaper Child Costume

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Grim Is The Reaper The Grim Reaper is said to come for us all. Though there are those of us who think of the apparition of death and say “Hey that would be a cool Halloween costume!” If this sounds like the sort of thing you dream of then this Boys Horror Robe costume might just be a dream come true. It’s great for Halloween trick or treating, or showing up at a cool costume party. You could even repurpose this Boys Horror Robe for other costumes like a cool wizard, warlock or Sith lord. A Horror Robe That’s Easy To Maintain One of the great things about this Boys Horror Robe is the fact that it’s made from the same kind of high-quality polyester that you find in film industry costume shops. This creates a robe that flows with you as you walk, and is also very easy to maintain. It comes with the purple and black robes festooned with textural elements. Any sort of sickle or other prop accessories are up to you to customize.


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