Ben Nye Tooth FX Paint Alcohol Activated Palette

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The Leader Of The Plaque Ben Nye s Tooth FX Alcohol Palette is a combination of five alcohol-activated shades for creating tooth decay and mouth effects. These shades create visually impactful character details for fully conceptualized creations. Saturate colors with 99% alcohol to activate. Remove by brushing teeth with toothpaste, or alcohol-based mouthwash. The Easiest Way To Fake Tooth Decay Ben Nye s Tooth FX Alcohol Palette should be activated with 99% alcohol before applying. This can be done by adding alcohol directly into the color cell, or wetting a brush with it. The color density achieved is a combination of the amount of alcohol used and the amount of time it is spent activating. More opaque colors will be created with less alcohol and longer time, while sheer colors will be done with more alcohol and shorter activation time. Dry teeth thoroughly with a cotton swab for superior pigmentation and durability. Colors can be applied with a variety of brushes. You can see how we achieved this Zombie look using this amazing palette. This product really transcends this character look to the next level and brings it to life!


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