Ben Nye Primary FX Alcohol Activated Palette

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For Expert Color Mixers And Clowns Only The five-color alcohol activated Primary Alcohol FX Palette by Ben Nye is a pocket-sized assortment of the three primary shades, along with black and white, providing artists with unlimited creative potential and maximum flexibility. Saturate these colors with 99% isopropyl alcohol to activate, and create water-proof, intensely durable shades. The perfect option for any set bag, or FX kit.  The Essential Alcohol Colors In One Palette The Primary Alcohol FX Palette color pigments should be activated with 99% alcohol before applying. This can be done by adding alcohol directly into the color cell, or wetting a brush with it. The color density achieved is a combination of the amount of alcohol used and the amount of time it is spent activating. More opaque colors will be created with less alcohol and longer time, while sheer colors will be done with more alcohol and shorter activation time. Colors can be applied through various tools like brushes and sponges for an array of realistic and artistic effects. Build up colors on the skin in thin layers to give the appearance that the color is in the skin. Ben Nye Mini Splatter Brushes are ideal for flicking colors across the skin. Remove colors by reactivating them with alcohol and wiping away. Colors should be used in a well ventilated space. 6gm./0.2 oz.


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