Ben Nye Primary Aqua Color Water Activated Palette

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A Professional Quality Water Activated Color Palette Water-activated effects are often the preferred media for producing high-quality body art effects. This professional-quality color palette from Ben Nye creates vivid colors that last much longer than a lot of the competitor water-activated cosmetics. You get 6 distinct colors, including black, red, yellow, blue, white, and green. Water-Activated Colors That Can Be Blended While the six colors in this professional cosmetics palette are strong and distinct in their own right, their water-activated nature means that they are also easily blendable. While these cosmetic body art effects will stay on for a long day of wearing, they are also relatively easy to remove. They come off quite easily with makeup remover, or even a little warm water and soap. If you or your subject needs to wear these water-activated cosmetics over the course of consecutive days, you should moisturize the skin after removal.


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