Bat Creature Deluxe Vampire Latex Mask

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A Hideous Bat Monster Mask Many people find bats to be freakishly hideous creatures of the night that do better living in trees and eating mosquitos. The idea of one even finding a home in your attic can be frightening enough. This latex mask grabs a hold of this innate human fear and brings it to life in shocking detail. The ears are elongated and hideous. The teeth are long, and more like fangs than teeth. Though it’s the ruffled nose and the sinister red eyes that truly complete the horrific visage of this Bat monster mask. A Bat Monster Mask Crafted From High-Quality Latex The non-toxic, costume-grade latex used to create this monstrous bat creature’s mask is known for being very comfortable. It also holds its color and shape without distortion. It’s the perfect mask for costume parties and haunted house events that last for hours and hours.


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