Bag Of Human Eyes

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Scary as Hell If you are planning to decorate a witch s kitchen in preparation for Halloween, you will need this item. A set of human eyes will creep out even the bravest person. A way to use this is to have a table with a spooky buffet, and you can have any red liquid or paste-like tomato sauce to act as blood with the human eyes placed carefully on top. You can also add other things like spaghetti to make it creepier. Place it beside the candy dish for trick-or-treaters. Watch every kid that comes for candy freak out. Happy Halloween! Realistic Look These eyes look so much like human eyes that you would think they were removed from humans for Halloween, but they are plastic and come in different colors, with red, black, blue, and white being the most common colors. They go along and can complement chopped-off human parts (hand and legs) that you already have. You can place them anywhere in your house, either in the kitchen you have decorated to look creepy or outside on a table with other spooky things to make people shiver. You can also use them to design your costume and make it look like you have eyes all over your body.


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