Bag of Cat Eyes

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Most Frightening Thing Ever You already have your house designed with your parlor or sitting room looking like a haunted place, and you are thinking of a way to spice it all up and make it more scary, gruesome, and terrifying. What you need is the Bag of Cat Eyes. The eyes with different colors that can be scattered and placed in different places or inside a bag made with nets hanging on the wall can be the most frightening thing ever. If you are wondering if it is from the eyes of a real cat, you have nothing to worry about; it s made from plastic. Perfect Halloween Decor Why buy Halloween decor if it is not going to fulfill its purpose? If you are wondering what the purpose of Halloween decor is, you should know it is meant to creep the hell out of your guests or visitors. This prop is perfect for a witch-themed Halloween party. Nothing screams witchcraft more than the eyes of a dead cat staring at you. Then imagine the eyes of different cats with their cold gaze fixed on you. The shivers it would send down the spine of anyone, especially people that get scared easily. Cat eyes in a bag are the perfect Halloween decor.


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