Axe On Chain

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On For Battle! This sliver steel prop is beautiful and a very fashionable item. This is different from your usual axe. It s not wooden, and it has a chain, but it s just as sharp and can be used to slice things and can be used for a battle. Let s also mention how it would go with your medieval costume outfit. As such, if you are worried about what to wear for Halloween, this battle ready outfit might be the topping to your already cool appearance. Huntsman?  Although, this could be a good piece of décor, especially when used inside the home, it could also be a great outfit idea. Channel your inner Chris Hemsworth and go as a huntsman for Halloween. Eric in the huntsman had a refined look. That stubbly-beard and those dreamy eyes! Dress in a knee-length boot along with some jeans and a great top. Get this to showcase the full potential of your attire. This prop is great, and with its sharp axe edge, it can kill any of your victims, but definitely not the Ravenna or her ice-cold sister.


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