Animated Gargoyle w/ Light Up Eyes

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Appropriate for Halloween Even if you have a party where you are supposed to use spooky costumes and creepy props, some props might be considered a stretch and should be left for Halloween alone. The animated gargoyle is one of those props. This prop has arguably a terrifying look, making it the perfect prop for the Halloween festival. We all know that every house is trying to look scarier for Halloween than every other house. The animated gargoyle gives you an automatic edge over every other person trying to compete with you with those red eyes that light up. Transform Your Home Into A Gothic Dwelling It can transform the look of any place, either indoors or outdoors, to create that Halloween vibe. It would compliment whatever design you have planned. Motion will activate the red light in the eyes, which means you can just leave it beside the candy dish outside and watch it scare unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, neighbors, or visitors.


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