Animated Bride Prop Decoration

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Bom, Bom, Bom, Bom, Here Comes The Bride… ….. Oh wait! This isn’t your usual pretty girl bride; she doesn’t have a pretty wedding dress on, her hair isn’t neatly and gently packed into a bun or the pretty veil to cover her innocent doe eyes, and oh, she isn’t wearing white! This life-size bride-to-be is dressed in a dark ugly-looking dress. She has no makeup on, and her hair is not done. Something tells me this bride is not happy; she looks like she just rose from the dead and is out for blood! Look at her scary grey hair, along with the black net-veil and the eyes; nothing gives me innocent vibes about those eyes, people. I think she is out for revenge. A Porch-Wedding-Event This prop is extremely great outdoors. If you want to bring out your creativity, place this on your porch and put the grim reaper by the side as her groom, don’t forget to dress him up in a bow and tie. That’s the scary power couple. Add a few more guests to the Halloween wedding like Frankenstein, Jack O’Lantern, the reaper’s cool but terrifying family, the old green-looking witch, the block-sucking vampire, and even the mermaid; they are allowed to weddings too. You could even make the little cat the ring-bearer. Oh perhaps, you can place it in your house to terrify guests! Give the impression that she’s looking for her dear groom among your party guests!


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