5ft Light Up Black Reaper

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Scary as Expected Were you expecting the reaper to come in another color? Although gray will also do justice to this Halloween icon, no color speaks the language and conveys the message of horror and evil that the grim reaper is trying to pass across than black. This prop is the perfect Halloween costume to scare people out. The grim reaper never lets you down. With its black hoodie, skeletal face, a scythe for plucking souls of unfortunate men, and red eyes that light up, you can trust that coworkers, neighbors, and visitors will know fear and understand horror when they see the grim reaper. Perfect Decor This prop is the perfect decor for your Halloween. You can decide to use it indoors or outdoors. You can put it in your sitting room and watch it complement whatever haunting scene you are trying to create to scare any visitor that comes in. You can also decide to put it on your lawn, beside the candy dish, and when trick-or-treaters come for their candy, their motion and a loud voice will activate the patient reaper that has been waiting for an opportunity to make its eerie sounds all night. You can also use the reaper for Halloween parties or other themed parties.


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