5 Animated Faceless Reaper

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Anonymous Grim Reaper Why would the grim reaper decide to come without a face? Maybe it is because it is planning on doing something different from plucking the souls of men when they are ripe for harvesting. We all know the grim reaper for one iconic and classic look, which is the black hoodie, skeletal face, and fingers, and scythe in its hands. The faceless grim reaper is scarier than the one with the skeletal face. For real, anything without a face is scary. When a scary thing decides to become faceless, it takes things to the next level. Display It Anywhere This particular prop is the total package. Apart from the fact that it scares the hell out of people, it also has other qualities that make it a perfect Halloween prop. Firstly, it is the perfect Halloween decor, and it will work hand in hand with whatever you already have designed in your home to create the most haunting scene ever. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. Leave it beside your candy dish and let the voices of trick-or-treaters handle the rest. The reaper can also be used for Halloween parties. When it is not creating a haunting scene or making people scream, the faceless reaper radiates a strong Halloween vibe around your home.


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