3 piece Multi Colored Juggling Ball Set

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Three Juggling Balls That Are Easy On The Hands Hand eye coordination is something everyone has to some degree or another. Though for jugglers it needs to be a point of mastery. This calls for practice, practice, and yet even more practice. The problem is that all these hand exchanges can get tiring in the fingers and palms. In time, hand fatigue can be a real issue. Especially if you are juggling hard objects or firm balls. One of the ways around this is to use softer balls that lessen the impact, yet still travel smoothly through the air as an item of a similar weight would do. If this sounds like something you’ve been struggling with, then these three juggling balls might be the perfect practice props that can still transition over into your performance. Three Multi Color Juggling Balls For Practice & Performance While these balls are best reserved for juggling practice, they are still vibrant enough, and have sufficient material quality that you can use them in a bit or two of your act. The exterior is stitched together from blue, yellow, green, and red material, which makes them visually interesting. There’s enough contrast to possibly draw away a spectator’s eyes while you work another sleight of hand gimmick.


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