23 Inch Non-Feathered White Angel Wings

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Adorable And Angelic An angel is never complete without beautiful and adorable wings. So, if you want to be the perfect angel, then you need this accessory. With it, you can watch yourself transform from regular to enchanting. When you step into Halloween, everyone will have no choice but to stare at your angelic outfit. Are you human or a supernatural being among humans? Who knows, but one thing is for sure there s something magical about you. And there s something absolutely sweet and adorable about the white color. You can hold your wings in place with adjustable straps. These wings can be fake, but there s someone, somewhere who believes you deserve to be worshipped. Stand Out from the Crowd If you are going for the angel costume this Halloween, you are looking to stand out from the rest. You can achieve that look with this beautiful, stylish, and enchanting accessory. It is made of fabric instead of feathers, so you don t have to worry about feathers falling off. This accessory comes in one-size that fits both adults and kids. So, you and your kids can be the ethereal beings that stole the show. This accessory is perfect for Christmas parties, Halloween parties, carnivals, theatrical performances, and other special occasions. Just get ready to wow the crowd with your amazing wing costume.


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